The Shingles treatment depends on several factors. Although there is actually no cure to this condition, the right treatment can ease this infection and reduce the possibility of further complications.

The pain that can sometimes remain after the Shingles can last for different periods of time, depending on a person’s age and his/her general condition. This pain is called a post herpetic neuralgia. It seems that the pain goes away sooner in patients who are under fifty. This is because the immune system and general health in patients under this age are considerably stronger that in those who are older and need some extra time to deal with the pain. This pain can be treated with analgesics. In some cases creams can be used to reduce the pain.

Some antiviral medications are prescribed to shorten the illness duration and have very few side effects. In some cases the drug is intravenously applied. There are several drugs that are commonly prescribed, but this is something that doctor should decide about for each patient.
Some corticosteroids are also used in treating the virus in patients under fifty.

If the pain persists and prolongs to a month or longer after the rash has gone, you may have the post herpetic neuralgia. Your doctor will prescribe the right type of treatment for you and the pain will vanish after some time. Sometimes the pain can prolong to last for years. So try to react as soon as possible. If you get your treatment in time, the chances for getting further complications will be reduced.

Don’t do anything by yourself and without a previous talk to your physician. The type of treatment and the dose must be prescribed by the doctor and must be strictly followed by the patient.

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